Our Custom Food Truck

Our current truck had become a little long in the tooth. The familiar green truck which can be seen in our Gallery was 46 years old and showing her age.
So, we decided to jump into the 2020 season with a new truck and the process so far has been fun and informative.

The first task was maybe the most difficult.
We had to decide on what type of truck or van to use and then find one. The decision was a van as opposed to the more traditional box truck.
The Ram Promaster ticked all the boxes.

Picking up our new Promaster for the food truck build-out
Picking up our new Promaster for the food truck build-out

This bare-bones Ram truck OEM stereo just had to go

Maybe it’s a guy thing, or something I never grew out of after high school, but when you get new wheels the first task is to improve the tunes. Out went the poor factory radio and in went a new stereo with Bluetooth.

Building our creme brulee food truck.

The inside of a former FedEx delivery van is pretty basic and shows signs of use. It won’t matter as we will transform this shell into our new food truck.

Installing the floor was a two-step process. Instead of making the floor of plywood them gluing or laying down a rubber face, we used two commercially available products. The first layer was a BedRug brand Van Mat. It is great for filing in the valleys of the floor and creating a even surface.
The second or top layer was a Legend Fleet Cargo Liner which is an amazing product.

The next task was one of safety. Just in case something terrible happens on the road while driving to or from an event we want to be protected. So came the Weather Guard partition.

Then it was time to build out the walls.

Now that we have walls, floor, ceiling, electrical, HVAC and lights, it is time to load up the equipment and start to get things setup.