Donut Wall

The donut wall offers a colorful and delicious dessert for many occasions from bridal and baby showers to weddings and kiddos parties.  Position as your guests leave your reception and they can grab a donut for a departing treat. Or,  start the night on a sweet note of donuts & champagne.   The lettering  above that says you make me glazy” can be personalized with names, dates or a favorite saying for that extra special touch.   Additional fee of $30-$50. P91A4268 (1)

Ring donuts include a variety of glazed & cake  with different frostings and sprinkles.  Platters & towers can be added to the display for other types of donuts. Pricing includes dessert plates and napkins.  A staff member stays on site to refresh donut supply. 20190321_185646P91A427020190320_120602


$2.75 per person

includes donuts, plates & napkins