North Scottsdale Farmers Market is a startup helping other small businesses

Thank you Merissa for sharing the North Scottsdale Farmers Market startup story and for being a valuable business community member.  The attached  picture features the Mayor, Merissa and Mary (co-founder) on their opening day for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

What made you start your own business?

The current economy. I was happily employed at a very energetic company run by inspirational entrepreneurs. After their business ended, I worked for a corporate company that lacked motivation to think outside of the box or try new ideas to improve business. It took only 3 weeks for me to start going a different direction.

I realized I needed to find an industry that was thriving in spite of the current economic state. By combining my sales/marketing background and my future husbands’ technical skills, we went into business as RAMOS I.T., LLC. We secured 94 Hundred Shea the shops*the offices as our account and this is where the real inspiration for the North Scottsdale Farmers Market occurred.

My North Scottsdale Farmers Market venture business partner, Mary Lineback, is also The Director of Business of the 94 Hundred Shea since its inception in 2000. We became friends and used to go to another Farmers Market together. One day it occurred to us that there was nothing like this in our neighborhood and we knew it would be well received.

And the North Scottsdale Farmers Market was born…

Our goal is more than just that of a traditional farmers market. We support small businesses, the community and anyone who is trying to survive in this local economy.

Were you scared and how did you overcome the fear?

I was scared to start our IT Company because I had never been in a position where I was not receiving a regular paycheck. However I knew my partner, Billy Ramos, and I had enough experience combined that we would be able to make it work. Once you get over the initial startup business fear, the rest is easy.

Could you elaborate on your tagline: Supporting Small Business & Your Community

Elaborating on my tagline is best told in the story of one of the vendors at my market: Chef Eric Ireland of Torched Goodness used to be the Sous Chef at T’Cook’s (in case you do not know, T’Cook’s used to be one of the hardest restaurants to get a reservation at in the City) After being laid off over a year ago, Chef Eric, a trained Le Cordon Bleu Chef, started a Crème Brulee business by purchasing and customizing his own truck. He is at 6 market locations per week now! This is the small business owner we want to support!

What is your brand?

Our brand is best defined in our mission statement:

In today’s world the focus of what is important has shifted. Many of us have started our own business ventures and being successful means leaning on and supporting those in your community. We have taken that realization and created a weekly event that brings what is important together; our community, friends and families.

WOW – words of wisdom: Find something you are passionate about and get people excited!